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Diggy-MO' japanese, j-hip-hop, anime, j-pop, j-urban
Diggy-MO' is the Main MC for Soul'd Out. Diggy-MO' has acquired a foundation of music through classic piano for at least 10 years. In Junior High School he formed a band which was heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop group The Roots. Although when Diggy-MO' attended a university of fine arts to major in graphics, he continued to dabble in music. The wide variation of SOUL'd Out's music has a message that appeals to imagination and almost leads listeners into another world. The music is not restricted and is delivered with a lot of heart. The various artists that Diggy-MO' attributes his influence from are The Roots, Fugees, Outkast, Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Nas, Lostboyz, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Missy Elliot, Dungion Family and Lauryn Hill, Mary J.Blige, SWV, Black Street, Michael Jackson, TLC, N.E.R.D, Destiny Child, Kelis, Okamura Kiyoshi happiness, m-flo, Utada Hikaru, Bennie K, Mozart, the list, Chopin, and Bach. He launched a single song, Bakusou Yume Uta, used as the 3rd ending theme of the anime Soul Eater.