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LUNKHEAD J-rock, rock, japanese, alternative, jrock
There are two bands named Lunkhead: 1) A Japanese rock band formed in 1999 when they played their first show during their high school graduation in Niihama, Ehime, Japan. LUNKHEAD have just recently released their 4th and latest full album, ?FORCE?, on June 27th, 2007. They will be releasing a 10th Annivesary Album "Entrance" on March 5th, 2008. They also have numerous live releases, mini albums, DVDs, and currently 10 singles. The members are Odaka Yoshitaro (V,G), Yamashita Sou (G), Gouda Satoru (B) and Ichikawa Ryou (D). Main website: 2) An incredibly underrated Chicago punk band featuring Mat Anzelone.