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Maru chiptune, 8-bit, japanese, chipcore, seen live
1) Chiptune musician from Japan 2) Finnish folk band 3) Singer-songwriter from Russia 1) Maru is a chiptune musician from Japan. He was part of the Game boy techno group Portalenz with artist USK before the group disbanded. He played with Portalenz at the 2006 Blip Festival along with the many other chiptune artists that were invited. His CD "Lo-bit Music Of The Fairy Tale Insane" was distributed in japan though some copies made it over seas. 2) - 3) Maru - Vladislav Marushchak (born March 6, 1993) in Vladivostok (Russia). Learned in musical school in bayan class. He weaves soulful synth pop, trip hop and indie rock. Maru says he has no problem with changes, that's why he calls his music pop. Instruments - piano, synthesizer, guitar, drum machine, sequencer, pc.