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Jyukai j-pop, anime, japanese, female vocalists, Soundtrack
Jyukai (??) are a J-Pop group comprised of Manami Watanabe (vocals, lyrics) and Yoshiaki Dewa (music, guitar). They are most famous in the Western world for composing and performing Anime ED themes, specifically: Anata ga Ita Mori for the anime Fate/stay night; KOIBITO DOUSHI for the anime Ah! My Goddess ~Sorezo no Tsubasa~; and Hoshiakari for the anime Buso Renkin. Jyukai are currently signed to Sistus Records (a subsidiary of Geneon), and released their debut album, 'Wild flower' on the 22nd of November 2006, featuring all three of their previously released singles, as well as their previously unreleased theme for Fate/stay night, hikari.