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Iku j-pop, japanese, female vocalists, anime, i've sound
1) IKU is a Japanese artist produced by Kazuya Takase. She debuted in 2008 with the double A-side single ???????/???? (Oto no Nai Yozora ni / Konome Kaze). Konome Kaze was used as the 4th ending to the anime ???????(Hayate no Gotoku!). Though she is produced by Kazuya Takase, she is not a member of the I've Sound circle. 2) Iku is the Finnish band with a larger carrier formed in 1986 and debuted allready in late 1987. Then Iku Tukiainen took a break from Kinsky and Jussi Hakulinen ended a decade of involvement in the band Y?. In the mid-1990's Iku played some years with the Dingo vocalist Neumann and Iku's band also took a break. For that time, Iku's band was called Toinen Kierros, which released several albums. Iku's new album is set for release in spring 2008. 3) Iku is a Finnish drum'n'bass DJ specializing in liquid dnb and deep rollers.