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Minori Chihara j-pop, japanese, anime, seiyuu, Soundtrack
Minori Chihara (????); known as Minorin (????) to her fans, was born on November 18, 1980 in Tochigi prefecture, Japan. She is a japanese voice actress. Her debut role was Aya Natsume from Tenjo Tenge, but her popularity escalated when she was casted as Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Apart from being a seiyuu, she is also a J-pop singer. Since her first album, HEROINE (2004), she has released two singles in January and June 2007, Jyunpaku Sankuchyuarii (??????????) and Kimi ga Kureta Ano hi (????????) respectively, in which the latter reached the Top 20 on the ORICON charts. Her 2nd album, Contact, released on October 24, 2007, peaked at #11. Her 1st tour consisted of 3 performances and took place during February 2008. Her hobbies include writing songs and playing on her guitar. She also updates her blog, minorhythm daily, and often includes photos. The name of her blog came from her following of fans, known to be “Minorists”, or followers of Minorism (which incidently sounds like minorhythm in Japanese).