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Sphere death metal, Brutal Death Metal, japanese, j-pop, female vocalists
Sphere is a metal band playing technical, modern metal with challenging rhythms and melodic choruses. It was formed late summer of 2012 where the focus was to gather band members that had the skills to play complex music, but also a dedication, willingness and availability to work hard to reach the band’s goals. During the autumn the band recorded their first album, ‘Primordial’, at Strand Studio. During the winter the band has focused on rehearsals to be able to sound as close to the record as possible, and getting ready for concerts and tours. The time has also been used to work close with Erik Burton Kirchner Art (US) to form the artwork for the album. The music is characterized by the low notes from the 8-string guitars and 6-string bass in combination with complex rhythm figures with a high degree of variations that really challenges the mind. The vocals are a mixture of growling and singing, creating variations in the songs that makes the listening more easy and interesting. Sphere is now booking gigs and getting ready for the summer metal festivals. Band members: Marius Strand - Guitars and vocals Marius is a multi talented musician, playing several instruments. He makes his living running a record studio, Strand Studio, where most of the local metal bands in Oslo are recording their demos and records. Marius has previously played in Black Commedy. Isak L. Haugan - Main vocals Isak’s vocals has a characteristic and powerful, growling sound. He varies the pitch a lot to emphasize the music and to enhance the clean vocal parts. He is also the lead vocals in the band Loga. Michael Hebo - Guitars Michael, a talented guitarist, is a big hit on YouTube where he has created several play-along videos where he covers band like Meshuggah, Periphery, Tesseract etc. His channel has millions of views, and he has a lot of fans following his posts. ?ystein Sundsb? - Bass ?ystein has been playing bass since the age of 13, and gets extra attention from the audience when he pulls out his monstrous 6 string fretless that reaches almost an octave below an ordinary bass guitar. ?ystein also play bass for Vanishing Void and has played in many bands in the past in different genres. Bj?rn Dugstad R?nnow - Drums Bj?rn is a very skilled drummer who is frequently used as a session musician. He has toured with many bands throughout Europe. He is fast and agile and has a good musical understanding growing up with parents being professional musicians. Among the bands that Bj?rn has played with are Black Commedy, Trail of Tears and Sevenfield.