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Changes in the Donate System Radio news

Oct 12, 2017
It's not a secret for anyone that the radio lives off your donations. We try to fit them into the overall concept of the site in a way that does not violate the balance of power between listeners.
In good months it happens that we go into a plus, in bad - we pay out the infrastructure for the radio from our own pocket. This happened, for example, in August, when GoDaddy billed us for an prolongation of the domain in 200 dollars (we usually collect such donations for 1-1,5 months). In addition, we would like to develop the radio, and this also requires the strength and time, which in a good way would like to somehow pay off.
The other day we have slightly updated the system of donations, so that this whole thing works better:

Added payment via PayPal for our numerous foreign listeners who used to suffer and wrote letters "I can not pay any of the payment methods on the site, because I have a credit card of the USA and PayPal that you do not accept." Now there will not be such a problem;

An updated page for donations.

Thanks to all listeners who support us financially, and thanks to all the listeners who do not have such an opportunity, for being with us. We will try to make the radio better together.
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