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Boystyle j-pop, japanese, anime, JPop, female vocalists
BOYSTYLE was a JapanKese pop group, made up of members Yukina Kawada (?????), Asami Tano (?????), Eri Murakawa (????) and Kayoko Uehara (?????). Originally formed as ai?ai in 2001, the group later changed their name to BOYSTYLE. They Released their first single Boys be Stylish! in 2002. They're well known for the song Kokoro No Chizu (??????), which was featured in the anime One Piece from 2004 to 2006. They were also active as a part of BEE-HIVE project, kind of female pop artists organization like Hello! Project, founded by Amuse Inc. in 2003. These are the another artists who were involved with the project: BUZY, Perfume and Tiara Kiyuna (????). In 2005, Yukina left the group for an unclear reason. BOYSTYLE disbanded in July 2007. Yukina and Kayoko went on to form dance pop group MANSAKU with former BUZY members Nao, Mayumi and Mao.