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Fairy gone Fairy Gone
genreadventure, fantasy
typeTV (12 eps.), 25 min.
directorSudzuki Ken'iti
Singer: (K)NoW_NAME
Time: 00:03:08
Last time ordered: 2021-06-20 20:02:23
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Lyrics (romaji)

Time is now
Break free yourself and
Check mate your lazy butt and
Diving into game of justice
Checking up what's really cooking
Look around and you will notice
You're alone? I am your only!
Sick and tired of excuses
Shake it off, it's time for action

Wake it up, light it up
Your soul is ready for a motion
Show'em what's coming up
Hey keep on rockin', tell the tory
Shake it up, wreck it up
Every single moment's worth fighting
Everybody's singing your name

It's like a real emotion
My heart is burning passion
It only takes subtraction
To change into ovation
So lose control

I really know that you like it
Break it down the walls of toleration
Ding Dong the wicked wicked's there
Open up your eyes to realize that
"Letting go" will do all the magic
You're way way bigger than you think you are
So break away, breathe the way and shed your pain
You've got nothing to lose

It's like a real commotion
I'm burning my eruption
It only takes ambition
To change into addiction

I know there are times in life when darkness got your down down
Here's the truth though if you really wanna protect loved ones

You've gotta fight